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Post by Sniper-X-3 on Wed Jun 29, 2016 8:42 am

Plugin-Name: MusterCull (
How is this change beneficial?: Prevents over crowding of hostile/passive mobs in a small area. Reduces lag from mobs. Nighttime for any player would be safer with this plugin.
Why should we add your suggestion?:
MusterCull gives players a more realistic experience to the server, and it causes them to resort to both farming and hunting for food. It also prevents easy access surplus of mob loot. As the mob dies, the player has a chance to obtain the remains.
Are there any downsides to this plugin?:
It reduces the amount of animals available in a local area, although the limit can be increased to a higher amount. Resources from mobs will dwindle as less mobs appear. New spawns might have difficulty finding large amounts of mobs.

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