[READ BEFORE POSTING] Architect Application - Requirements and Template

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[READ BEFORE POSTING] Architect Application - Requirements and Template

Post by iRice on Tue Aug 04, 2015 8:03 pm

The follow requirements must be met in order to post an application.

  • A good attitude! Nobody wants to be working with grouches. Here at Klyptomania we strive for a healthy and happy environment, making kindness and a good attitude necessary for working with players, and the rest of the staff.

  • Flexibility. You should be able to drop that house you're making in Towny to assist staff members when needed.

  • Maturity. You should be able to know the difference between right and wrong, along with obeying the rules. There are times to mess around, but not all the time. As Architect, we expect you to understand that and act professionally.

  • Evidence of your career in building. Pictures would be wonderful, but if you are unable to provide them, we will ask you to build for us here on the server. If you happen to have screenshots of your previous structures, please provide the Imgur links. (You must provide at least five images)

Your application must consist of these elements:

1: Full in-game name. (e.g Gamzeee)
2: Age. (This is not a requirement, it's only for records)
3: Maturity Level. (Your opinion)
4: Evidence of your skills in architecture. (Please provide us with images, preferably from imgur.
5: Why do you want to become an Architect here on Athamus?

In-game name:
Maturity Level:
Evidence of your skills in architecture:
Why do you want to become an Architect here on Athamus?

Your application can take anywhere from 24, to 72 hours to be acknowledged, and possibly a longer amount of time to be decided. There is no guarantee that you will be accepted, and either way you will be notified if you have received the position. The more detail you add, the better. Make sure you fill out the whole form before submitting! Read it once or twice to make sure there are not spelling, grammar mistakes, etc. The more professional it looks, the better. On that note, lets see what you got!

(--Posted on behalf of Gamzeee--)


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