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[READ BEFORE POSTING] Suggestions - Template Empty [READ BEFORE POSTING] Suggestions - Template

Post by iRice on Tue Aug 04, 2015 8:46 pm

Hello there Klyptomanians!

This category was made for all you believers who want to contribute to the server by making suggestions! If you'd like to make a proper suggestion, you will follow the following template.

1: Plugin-Name. (If applicable)
2: Suggestion. (With detail please)
3: How is this change benefical?
4: Why should we add your suggestion?
5: Are there any downsides to this change?

How is this change beneficial?:
Why should we add your suggestion?:
Are there any downsides to this chat?:

After posting your suggestion, it will either be marked Planned or Added. If your suggestion isn't marked within 3-5 days, your suggestion may be invalid.


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